30 useful tips for travel in Japan

Wi-Fi for Visitors to Japan.
Wireless internet is in today’s world, a necessity. Japan boasts powerful, fast internet, and broadband is available in most populated areas in the country. In large city centers, public Wi-Fi availability is increasing every year. Staying connected in Japan is not a problem, but the available options can be a little confusing. Below are some basics and recommendations for getting online during your stay.
Many hotels now have some sort of Wi-Fi service available. Most of them may be complimentary. The quality of hotel-based Wi-Fi has improved dramatically in the past few years, and you will find excellent connectivity throughout the country.
Many stores in Japan offer some sort of Wi-Fi service, but quality varies. Additionally, you may need to register in advance with some places requiring a paid contract to connect. If you are in Japan over a couple of weeks, this might be an option to consider. However, you will have to physically be in the store to stay connected. This is not bad if you frequently visit a store which sponsors Wi-Fi service, but if you are a tourist and moving around, you should consider other, mobile-friendly options.
On the Go
The easiest way to get reliable Wi-Fi while on the move is to rent a personal mobile Wi-Fi device. This segment of the industry has exploded over the past few years, and there are many Wi-Fi rental services at international ports of entry. Costs vary depending on plan, but you can expect to spend about a thousand yen a day for a one-week rental.
Other Concerns
Mobile Wi-Fi is available in most populated areas of the nation, but service may be impacted underground. As far as payment, most pre-paid Wi-Fi services take cash, naturally, as well as overseas credit cards, so payment is not much of a worry. Mobile Wi-Fi do not come with a data cap, but, again, it will depend on the package you decide on, according to your needs. Please inquire when you make a reservation as to the performance and usage details.