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Hakone Shrine
The course including this spot : The crossroads of history, culture, and nature

Visit the serene and historic lakeside shrine

The famed picture of a blazing red shrine gate on Lake Ashi with Mt. Fuji in the background is the entrance to the Hakone Shrine. The towering cedar trees guide you to the entrance of this famed shrine, patronaged by samurai, emperors, and shogun.
The Hakone Shrine has a history dating back to 757. Hakone is a deeply spiritual place to practitioners of Shinto with its deep lake and high mountains. The shrine is said to be the combination of a number of different shrines found on the peaks of the surrounding mountains and is connected with the legendary dragon that lives at the bottom of the lake. You can enjoy wakasagi for lunch, smelt fish fried with a delicious sweet sauce, on the shores of the lake with beautiful views and nature.

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