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Chuson-ji Temple
The course including this spot : Northern Buddhist city - experiencing history in a World Heritage site

This is where Kiyohira's message of peace started the realm of gold

Chuson-ji's forested, mountaintop temple was commissioned by first Fujiwara lord Hidehira. Dedicated in 1126, it was built to console the souls of all those who died in war, whether friend or foe, human or animal. Almost all of its many Buddhist halls were destroyed by fire in 1337 - only the Golden Hall and part of the Sutra Repository survived. The Golden Hall, richly ornamented with gold leaves, shell inlays and precious materials, is the resting place of 4 generations of Fujiwaras and designated a National Treasure. Thousands more treasures, including sutras, are in the museum. Spring Bean-throwing is in February. In May, the Spring Fujiwara Festival procession of participants dressed in 12th century costumes, horses and ox-carts culminates here. Atmospheric fire-lit O-Noh is performed by the priests at the 18th century outdoor theatre in August. Gorgeous chrysanthemums are displayed at the Autumn Fujiwara Festival.

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