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Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology
The course including this spot : The third largest city in Japan with considerable historical interest and manufacturing power

A celebration of industry, cars, and technology

While we associate Toyota with cars, the company began in a different field: making looms which transformed the industry. An entire section of this building is dedicated to the machines and technology behind their looms, and then goes on to show how this influenced them to turn to automobile manufacture via metalworking and other skills. The automobile pavilion features not only a selection of cars past to present, but comprehensive information on the building process, the technology involved, and physical demonstrations of the mechanics behind how cars work. There is also a "virtual factory" which shows the process of how a car is made (with four audio options including English). When you have finished here, you could also visit Noritake gardens (also near Kamejima station) for a pleasant walk around the grounds and to see yet another aspect of Japanese crafts and manufacturing.

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