Short trip from Osaka
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One-day trip One of Japan's top three ancient hot spring villages

Short trip to Arima

  • Estimated time:9hr
  • Estimated cost:¥4,390

One-day trip A visit to Japan’s only World Heritage castle

Short trip to Himeji

  • Estimated time:11hr 26min
  • Estimated cost:¥6,130
  • (C)JNTO

One-day trip A walk through the nostalgic town along the canal

Short trip to Kurashiki

  • Estimated time:11hr 36min
  • Estimated cost:¥18,680

One-day trip Enjoy the natural wonder of Japan's greatest sand dunes

Short trip to Tottori

  • Estimated time:13hr 27min
  • Estimated cost:¥17,140
  • (C)JNTO

One-day trip Driving from Osaka to Awaji

Short trip to Awaji Island

  • Estimated time:11hr 30min
  • Estimated cost:¥14,280

One-day trip Coastal views, fresh seafood, traditional temples and spectacular sunsets

Short trip to Onomichi

  • Estimated time:11hr 46min
  • Estimated cost:¥26,410
  • (C)JNTO
  • (C)JNTO
  • (C)JNTO
  • (C)JNTO

Two-day trip Koyasan, a historic Buddhist sanctuary surrounded by wilderness

Short trip to Koyasan

  • Estimated time:Two-day trip
  • Estimated cost:¥5,540

Two-day trip Japan's preeminent semi-tropical resort on the island of Honshu

Short trip to Nanki Shirahama

  • Estimated time:Two-day trip
  • Estimated cost:¥19,940

Two-day trip Steeped in history and a symbol of peace that resonates around the world

Short trip to Hiroshima

  • Estimated time:Two-day trip
  • Estimated cost:¥25,840
  • (C)JNTO

Two-day trip History, tradition, Sanuki Udon, modern art, and charm: Takamatsu has it all

Short trip to Takamatsu

  • Estimated time:Two-day trip
  • Estimated cost:¥19,780