Short trip from Kyoto
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  • (C)JNTO

One-day trip Take a journey to Nara’s ancient world heritage temples, even more profound than Kyoto’s Offerings

Short trip to Nara

  • Estimated time:12hr 38min
  • Estimated cost:¥6,580

One-day trip The third largest city in Japan with considerable historical interest and manufacturing power

Short trip to Nagoya

  • Estimated time:12hr 32min
  • Estimated cost:¥16,320

One-day trip Home of the Iga ninja, see the historical townscape and ninja museum.

Short trip to Iga

  • Estimated time:10hr 10min
  • Estimated cost:¥8,620
  • (公社)びわこビジターズビューロー
  • (C)JNTO
  • (公社)びわこビジターズビューロー

One-day trip Lake Biwa, the crossroads of natural beauty and living history

Short trip to Lake Biwa

  • Estimated time:10hr 30min
  • Estimated cost:¥12,320

Two-day trip A quaint hot spring town in the North of Hyogo prefecture

Short trip to Kinosaki

  • Estimated time:Two-day trip
  • Estimated cost:¥11,380
  • (C)JNTO
  • (C)JNTO

Two-day trip Home of the Grand Shrine that represents the soul of Japan with 2000 years of history

Short trip to Ise

  • Estimated time:Two-day trip
  • Estimated cost:¥13,170

Two-day trip A castle town with pristine Japanese scenery and traditional crafts passed down through generations

Short trip to Kanazawa

  • Estimated time:Two-day trip
  • Estimated cost:¥20,060

Two-day trip A beautiful mountain city surrounded by nature and healing Onsen

Short trip to Gero

  • Estimated time:Two-day trip
  • Estimated cost:¥19,820

Two-day trip Stroll through retro Japan streets

Short trip to Hida Takayama

  • Estimated time:Two-day trip
  • Estimated cost:¥28,880
  • (C)JNTO
  • (C)JNTO

Two-day trip Driving along the coastline of the Sea of Japan & visiting historical places

Short trip to Fukui

  • Estimated time:Two-day trip
  • Estimated cost:¥24,340