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Driving from Osaka to Awaji
Short trip from Osaka to Awaji Island

I recommend this course!

Hyo Shintatsu / I'm from Shandong, China / I have lived in Japan for 10 years.


I came to Japan in 2007 and live in the city of Minami-Awaji on Awaji Island. So far, I've also lived or studied in Wakayama, Osaka, and Kobe.
In March 2006, I graduated from the University of Hyogo and moved to Awaji where I became a member of Minami-Awaji's regional promotion team. My main job is to promote Awaji as a tourist destination, promote the island's products, and work with the local people. I like to travel, take pictures, do sports, and eat good food. I love the quiet, simple life here.

Leave behind the mass of people and cars in Osaka and drive a rental car across the world's longest suspension bridge, the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge. After driving for two hours, you will reach beautiful Awaji Island. Awaji is the Seto Inland Sea's largest island, popular for its nice climate, abundant crops, beautiful natural scenery, and great food. See the huge Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, enjoy the warmth of PARCHEZ, see monkeys playing, and taste an Awaji burger. Ride a boat to see the Naruto whirlpools, enjoy the Awaji Ningyo Joruri puppet show, and watch the sunset from Sunset Line in the end.

  • Day Trip

Osaka Station

Car rental office (20min)
Rental fee ¥6,000~ (Excluding gasoline fee)

Rental car (1hr)
Expressway and toll gate fees ¥4,230


Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

The world's longest suspension bridge connecting Awaji and Honshu

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Rental car (30min)

Parchez Kaori no Kan - Kaori no Yu

  • Estimated time:1hr

Soak in fragrant baths and make your own perfume

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Rental car (1hr 20min)

Awaji Island Monkey Center

  • Estimated time:1hr
  • Estimated cost:¥600

Meet laid-back monkeys

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Rental car (50min)


  • Estimated time:30min

The top award in a Japanese local burger contest, Awaji Burger

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Rental car (10min)

Whirlpool Cruise

  • Estimated time:1hr
  • Estimated cost:¥2,000

Cruise to the giant whirlpools

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Rental car (20min)

Awaji Ningyo Joruri Pavilion

  • Estimated time:30min
  • Estimated cost:Free

Learn about traditional puppetry dating back 500 years

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Rental car (25min)

Awaji Sunset Line

  • Estimated time:30min

Drive along the Sunset Line and watch the sunset

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Rental car (2hr)
Expressway and toll gate fees ¥4,640

Car rental office (10min)

Osaka Station

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